The Bandar-Log

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The Jungle-People clearly despise the Bandar-log, and for a good reason. In The Jungle books by Rudyard Kipling the Bandar-log act similarly to typical bullies. The Monkey-People believed that they were better than the other animals and to express that they terrorized the weak. Their mere everyday actions were foolish and downgrading. The Bandar-log even manipulated the unsuspecting Mowgli into thinking they were caring, kind, and welcoming, but they are certainly far away from that. Everything the Bandar-log said was to their signify their glory, yet they had none. For instance, they said “What the Bandar-log think now the jungle will think later” (Kipling page 32). This is implying the Monkey-People were right all along and the Jungle-People…show more content…
Kipling told us, “Then they would howl and shriek senseless songs, and invite the Jungle-People to climb up their trees and fight them, or would start furious battles over nothing among themselves, and leave the dead monkeys where the Jungle-People could see them. They were always just going to have a leader, and laws and customs of their own, but they never did, because their memories would not hold over from day to day…” (page 32). Both bullies and the monkeys do thoughtless actions, with absolutely no meaning behind them. For instance, the Monkey-people start fights with each over the smallest things. Then they attempt to be civilized, but they end up the same way they started. With bullies, when they are around their peers, they act just as sensibly. They pick on the nearby people and start fights among groups. Maybe Kipling didn’t intend the Bandar-log to be associated with today’s bullies, but these monkeys sure are like them. From intimidating others to making impetuous decisions the Monkey-People are practically bullies. No matter what the monkeys say, do, or treat others they always seem to end up being the bullies in the situation, because clearly they are. Fortunately, in Kaa’s hunting the Bandar-log were diminished and defeated by Kaa the Rock Python. Any bullies messing with you in your life can be conquered just as
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