The Banning Of The Internet In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem is a novel by Ayn Rand about the ban of the idea of a single person existing. Instead, the idea was that the entire society was one person. There was a strict list of taboo words and things that weren't allowed in this community. I've been given one modern thing that “has been banned.” Use of the internet.

My reaction to the “banning” of the internet would be quite harsh. I spend a good eight hours or longer on the internet each day, writing, watching YouTube, and talking to my friends. A complete shutdown of the Internet would result in a loss of communication, a source of entertainment, and the origin of most of my creative outlets. To me, a complete deletion of the Internet would've been completely illogical. The Internet
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With the need of it in daily life due to the fact that 21st century children were born with it, and it wasn't something they adapted to in their lifetime, the knowledge, information, communication websites, and creative outlets on the internet all over the world, or up in the cloud, would be lost forever.

The government may obliterate the internet in order to gain more control over material that is spread from one person to another. If something is posted on the Internet, even if you attempt to get rid of it it's never really gone. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and more, the spread of news is quick and wide. With the world population being 7,259,902,243 people, a grossly huge amount of people use the Internet, the number being 3,366,261,156 people worldwide. That ends up being almost half of the population, the percentage being 46.4%

I one hundred percent disagree with the “decision” of the government ridding of the Internet entirely, as if that isn't clear enough already. Though the government might find the termination of the Internet useful in some circumstances, I have no doubt that it may result in riots, violence, protests, and more in order to get it

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