The Bar Code Rebellion Analysis

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People can be dealing with something that is very unfortunate. This could be someone being depressed of someone feeling lonely. Lets say this happens in a book. You can give your a character the abstract gift of friends if they are lonely or joy if they are depressed. An abstract gift expresses a quality, characteristic or idea apart from any specific object or instance. An abstract gift is not an object or something you can touch. In the book “The Bar Code Rebellion” by Suzanne Weyn. This book falls in the genre between young-adult fiction, science fiction. and dystopia. The main character in this book is named Kayla Reed. She is brave and determined. However in the beginning Kayla may not be okay herself after all. In the beginning of the…show more content…
In the book it says “When I turned seventeen , I couldn 't wait to get my bar code tattooed to my wrist. It was my way of showing I wanted to become an active, responsible member of society…. “ I even joined the bar code resistance myself…. My life is so much better now that I’ve seen the advantage of being tattooed with my own personal bar code…. I love my bar code … and I know now that everything is going to be alright.” When Kayla saw this on tv she was very confused. She knew that was not her because she did not have the bar code tattoo and she knew she never said that to a camera. Kayla should be given freedom because the bar ode resistance shouldn 't be taking her identity and make “her” say what she said on tv. Another reason why Kayla should deserve the abstract gift of freedom is because in the book it sates “Kayla was on the screen - but it was the fake Kayla from the billboards. She was as neatly turned out as ever in a bright pink sweater, matching short skirt, and high boots. Her bobbed hair shone and bounced as if she were in a shampoo commercial. Her silver lipstick and matching eye shadow were perfect.” This quote shows how she keelson recognizing how thats no her. They are taking over her identity that they even put it on the billboards without her even knowing. This is why she should be granted the gift of freedom. The story “The Bar Code Rebellion” by Suzanne Weyn Had this character named Kayla. Even thought she was very brave and determined she had flaws just like every other person. Kayla deserved to have a different identity and freedom. This gift is called an abstract gift. The theme of this book is to be brave because if you are not things wont come
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