The Barber Of Seville: An Analysis

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Operas are a historical and traditional staple to the Italian culture and society. Planting its roots in Florence during the early 16th century (Italian Opera), it had the ability to communicate to both the educated and uneducated. Verdi, an Italian artist, revolutionized the use from a dramatic vocal show to a show one could relate to. He manipulated the opera to reflect the political upheaval at the time and support the people (Virban). It has since evolved from pastoral depictions to dramatic love stories; not depicting what was originally shown. Dramatic plot lines, stronger musical climaxes, and elaborate stagecraft are the central characteristics developed from the Romantic period. Thus, influenced operas from all around Europe.
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It centers the focus on 3 main characters, Count Almaviva, Rosine, Bartolo, and Lindoro, in elaborate costume, singing dramatically. Rosina, who comes from a wealthy family, is sought after by Bartolo. However, Count Almaviva falls in love with her as well but is unable to get a second alone with her. He ensures the help of Figaro to win her love. While chaos ensues and plans become disorderly, everyone is still able to reach their goal. Almaviva is able to marry Rosina and Bartolo receives her wealth. “Grey’s Anatomy” is a popular, dramatic television series focusing on the lives of interns at Seattle Grace Hospital into their journey to become established doctors. It follows their life and relationships with one another in Washington. Each character periodically falls in love for each other, putting themselves in challenging positions in their friendships and professional lives. This show has impacted the culture of such a large demographic. Television critics even consider it a “cultural phenomenon” (Lacob,…show more content…
In the opera, there were many pieces, such as the hand mirror and feather pen that were very relevant to their time and culture. They did not have any technology to communicate, so writing letters with a feather pen and ink jar was the only method. Their costumes look as if they were made in the 17th century. The rich, colors of gold, cream, and red symbolized their social statues of nobility. In “Grey’s Anatomy”, they all wear the same color scrubs—periwinkle blue and white coats. Like the opera, these colors symbolize role in society, as well as their profession. They utilize all the necessary means to communicate prevalent to their time period, such as beepers, PDA’s, and cell phones. The show is produced in a modern hospital, with clean colors and lines. The opera’s scenery and backdrops contained Renaissance details since the 17th century succeeded it. They could be seen in colors, decorative artistic details, and furnished
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