The Barefoot Spirit Analysis

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In the work entitled “The Barefoot Spirit”, which tells the story of Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey and the journey of their brand of wine, Barefoot. Barefoot has become a brand that most people in America can identify. However, Barefoot was not always a brand with such a reputation. This story explains the Barefoot brand from its conception, and enables the reader to follow Bonnie and Michael on the journey to success. The format o the work allows the reader to gain a great deal of knowledge from Michael and Bonnie’s perspective. There are instances in the work where there are questions asked, and either Michael or Bonnie responds. This allows the reader a clear understanding of Michael and Bonnie’s struggles, as well as their vision for their brand. Michael and Bonnie struggled, just as so many other countless entrepreneurs. Throughout the work, there are many pieces of advice given by Bonnie and Michael. Many of these pieces of advice, or “practical nuggets” can be of use to entrepreneurs across all different types of industries. Seven of these practical nuggets include; “Michael and Bonnie went out and talked to people. Something that is overlooked by many businesses.” (page 10). Knowing your market. You have to ask your employees when you need something to get done, they will not know unless you ask.…show more content…
Bonnie and Michael had a vision for their brand. They had a huge challenge ahead of them, and that was to grow their brand. Through trial and error of different components of their business, Bonnie and Michael were able to make their brand very successful. From something as basic as listening to customers and gaining their perspective on things that they’d like to see, and talking to buyers and asking them what they would like to see on their shelves, they were able to gain the insight they needed into creating a brand that the people wanted and
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