The Baroque And Baroque Era

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There are various number of different musical eras that branched out of the European classical musical area. Two major musical eras that came out of this were the Baroque and Classical era. Both eras had their similarities and differences and were very popular in their time. Even today the styles of these eras are looked at and often studied because of their unique and interesting types of arts, architecture, and music that thrived through this time period. Different themes and senses of visuals and designs during both eras were so significant and played an important and key role into the different types of cultural values that we have today. During both periods of time so many noteworthy and important things branched off and have helped create…show more content…
In this essay I will be discussing the key differences between the eras and how both were very important to the architecture, art and music that we have today.
The Baroque style grew and rose from the 17th and 18th century. The style came about right after the Renaissance era. The reason that this style mainly started was because the Roman Catholic Church wanted to use this baroque style to try and counter the Protestant types of music, art, and architecture that were flourishing around the same time that this style was created. This time period was basically the same as the Catholic Counter-Reformation Art that took place to also counter the Protestant Reformation. The Baroque era really reflected the religious tensions and strains that were occurring during this time. The era incorporated all kinds of paintings that really illustrated a lot of biblical works and portrayed different key moments that happened either within the Bible or
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It came after the Baroque and came before the Romantic eras and was a synonym of the Western art form of music. The key appreciation of classical art and literacy really came from the Romans and the Greeks during this time period. The era has other names but is most commonly famous for being known as the Age of Enlightenment. New forms of sculptures, art, and music were being made and it all started to become a very important role in society and played a key part in the way of life during the 18th and 19th century. Artwork during this time really focused on and reflected the moral values on individuals. It made people think and poked at and made people feel emotions that they wouldn’t normally feel. Art became an applied function and meaning that expressed feelings and really embodied the individual and conveyed meaning throughout each painting. But the main influential thing that came out of this era was the musical scene. Before this period, music was really written and reflected religion and the church but new composers came in and thought that new music should convey and be written for entertainment purposes so that it could be enjoyed by everyone. This made music become very popular and made concerts and musicals bigger to the people. The music was also more structured because a lot of musicals were written to please kings and royal people. The reason for this was so that they could make more
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