The Barriers Of Communication Between Teenagers And Elderly

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With the aging population, barriers of communication between teenagers and elderly become one of the issues in recent years. Whether in the workplace or in the family, teenagers or elderly must face the communication problem of them and maintain their relationship. Adolescence is considered to begin of 11-13 and end around 27-29. Elderly are aged 65 or above. The biggest gap is half a century and the smallest gap is also 30 years. It means that they have different experience, lifestyle, communication skills or physical disabilities and cause the barriers between them. The teenagers will believe that they have no common interests and topic to talk or share with older people, resulting in poor communication. Moreover, the barriers block the transmission of messages and lead to misunderstanding. In order to better analyze this phenomenon, I will use my daily experience to discuss the barriers between teens and elderly. Also, I would like to suggest some solutions for building up the good communication between them. First of all, I would like to share my daily experience about my grandmother and me. My grandma speaks Haifeng words daily and not good at speaking Cantonese. Although I can speak simple Haifeng words, there are some difficult words I cannot understand. Therefore, resulting in ineffective communication. I will listen to my grandma actively and ask my parents the meaning of the speech for getting a good communication with my grandma. There are some elderly

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