The Basics Of Housekeeping As A Career In Housekeeping

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CAREER IN HOUSEKEEPING Housekeeping means maintenance and keeping- records which facilitates productive work in an organization. Housekeeping as a career in a hotel may be challenging as it demands defect full organization skills, Communication skills so the house keeper can interact with the guests when required, the most important of all he/she should be well disciplined. Discipline is such a thing which would help you grow in your career weather in housekeeping or any other department. As a housekeeper in housekeeping department you need to make sure that all the rooms are kept clean and ready to use as guests may walk in anytime. As a housekeeper you should be presentable enough and should rather encourage yourself and other staff members working with you. Keeping in mind the working hours for a housekeeper. He/she would usually do shift works which might include weekends and other public holidays. You will usually require some experience and required qualification to work in a housekeeping department at a senior level. Otherwise you may land up starting your career as a room attendant and make your way up to executive housekeeper or any other position you desire to work in. This was the basics of what housekeeping means for a hotel. But apparently the need of housekeeping is not only limited to hotels these days, there are other various fields which need housekeeping like: Hospitals, corporate or government buildings, private sector, etc. As a housekeeper working

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