The Bass And The Girl Shela Manting Essay

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I am reading “The River the Bass and the Girl Shela Manting” by __________________ and I am on page ______. This book is about (write 3 – 4 sentences of plot) In this paper I will be___ Active Reading Strategy ____and ______ Active Reading Strategy ___
So far this story is about a boy who loves fishing, but he found some that he loved just as much. A girl that didnt love fishing, and in this journal I will be questioning and connecting

G-witch will he choose Y-girl R- reasons
-loves her
- he watches her
- tries to impress her Remember – 3 – 4 details PER red R- loves her
-askes her out
-describes how pretty she is
-shows off in front of her Remember – 3 – 4 details PER red Y-fish R-reasons
-big fish
- rod bends twice as much
- describes how big it is Remember – 3 – 4 details PER red R-one chance
- he might not ever see this fish again
-it might fall off
- Remember – 3 – 4 details PER red
G-in conclution I thi

Paragraph (written in complete sentence/correct paragraph format)
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He might choose the girl for several reasons, first off she is pretty he describes her as percect for him. also he loves her. He watches her through the bushes, and knows all of her moods. he knows what mood she is in depending on what position she is in, but the bass was also another option, He might have chosen the bass because it was the biggest bass hes ever seen. It pulled the boat and bent the rod twice as much. Because it was so big he might never see a bass the same size as that one. In conclution i think he might choose the bass because it is a once in alife time
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