The Bass The River And Sheila Mant

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Carlie Hansen Due Date: Friday 25th
Journal 1

I am reading “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell. This story is about a fourteen-year-old boy crushing over a seventeen year old girl, he has to choose over her or a bass. In this journal I will be questioning and who he picks.

The main question I have for this story is, will the narrator pick Sheila or the bass? One option he has is to pick the bass. He has always had a big passion for fishing. The fish he had hooked was one of the biggest catchiest of his life. He was doing everything at that point for the fish, without Sheila knowing. He was more focused on the fish then he was with Sheila. Sheila was trying to talk to him but his mind went all to thinking of the fish. The other option he has is to pick Sheila. He has always had a huge crush on Sheila. He would take time out of his day to watch every move she would do, sometimes he would watch her tan or go swimming. The narrator
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In the story ‘The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” the narrator was in love with Sheila Mant. He had always wanted to go out with her but never had the guts to do it. He finally one day got the nerve to ask her out on a date. Well they were on the date nothing went the way he wanted it to. When they got to the band and were ready to leave Sheila told the narrator she was going home with another boy. I connected to this because it had happened to me. I have always had a crush on one of my really good friends named Keegan but I don’t think he catches on. He has always been a very gentleman like with me. He is very nice and good-looking in my opinion. We were both invited to the same party and we met up there. A little later that night he left early to go hangout with other girls. Everyone asked me if I was mad but I tried not showing my feelings. Both the narrator and I have gotten rejected so, I can relate to how he
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