The Bastille: The French Revolution

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Bastille The Bastille, a medieval fortress located on the east of Paris, was a known as an important trigger to the French Revolution. The Bastille went from being a source of protection to the citizens of French to fearing the Bastille due to the imprisonments from king. It developed from keeping the people alive to the death of hundreds due to a revolution. The development demonstrated the many things that led to the French Revolution and the important symbols of France. The Bastille was built on April 22, 1370, on the orders of Charles V as protection to the city of Paris against any attacks from the the opposing armies. The attacks were due to France undergoing a war, known as the Hundred Years’ War, with England. Originally, the Bastille…show more content…
Most of the upper-class prisoners were also able to have their own visitors, furniture, clothes, books to study as well as their very own servants. Although the prison was originally for those who opposed the king, those who opposed the Catholic religion and free thinkers ended up being locked there as well. The Bastille “held political dissidents, such as the writer and philosopher Voltaire, who were locked away without a trial by order of the king” (The Bastille). Some prisoners there were “political troublemakers and individuals held at the request of their families, often to coerce a young member into obedience or to prevent a disreputable member from marrying the family’s name” (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica 1). With the letter de cachet still around the Bastille prison became a place of hatred, fear and ended up with a terrible reputation, as it also began to imprison commoners. As a result of this, Parisians began to push for the Bastille’s…show more content…
Much like Independence Day in America, Bastille Day—known in France as la Fête Nationale or le 14 Juillet —is celebrated with things including fireworks, parades, and parties. The main event of the day would include the military parade, musical performances, dances, balls, and a colorful firework show near the end of the day. People who attend will most likely see France’s flag, hear the French motto Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and break into singing La Marseillaise, which are all popular and important symbols of France that had their origins in the days of the French Revolution.
The Storming of the Bastille allows people to remind us that modern citizens were not only born out of the acts of cruelty but were born out of the act of remembering. To add on, humans were born out of the strong desire for justice. This entire event allowed us to learn that it takes a lot for a government or head to hear us out to try and make a change. This storming was known as a moment in history where there was an explosion of modern historical
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