Batten Death March Research Paper

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D. Doyle
World History Pt 2
World War I and II Assignment
Battan Death March – World War II
Bloodshed, screaming, crying, loud noises of gunshots are all of the things that plagues my mind. The closest that I have ever came to a battle or even war is watching on television. Lots of evil, cruelness, and heartless things take place in battles. I mean the name along give me some ideas or sparks my imagination of what the Batten Death March may Intel. Throughout this paper we will discuss the Batten Death March. The beginning, what took place in the Death March, and the End of the March?
The Beginning
The beginning Batten Death March begin April of 1942. It happened during the early stages of World War 2. It started in Marvels
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During the March, the prisoners did not receive food or water for three days. Because of this, many of the prisoners grew weak and weary until the point where failed dead. They were mistreated and abuse so bad that many of them was ran over by trucks and kill all because they were either too weak or felled behind the group. When the prisoners made it to the trains, many of them were forced to get on the train beyond capacity. They were packed so tight that there were standing room only and for those that could not fit had to walk the rest of the way to the camp. These were truly some horrible and unthinkable conditions to live…show more content…
Once they arrived at the camp more prisoners died from sickness, diseases, and unhealthy living conditions. I n the year of 1945 many of the prisoners, that remained alive were rescued by their allies, who took on the Philippines. All of their suffering and pain was finally over and I could only imagine just how relieved they felt. General Masuhara Homma, who was in charge of the march, were executed for II War crimes against humanity. Conflicting stories were told to the newspaper cover up the truth about how the prisoners were treated. I think the significance of this battle was that it was the most shameful and outrageous combat in the American History. Once the prisoners had escaped and was freed they shared the truth about the story. When the US government became knowledgeable about what really took place concerning the march, they were shocked and outraged by the brutality. Thurman demonstrated his anger by the dropping of the Atomic bombs. After 6 years o anger and outrage, the US government signed the peace treaty with Japan. Although, the event was horrible and inhumane, the survivors found a way to deal with the painful memory. Many had to adjust and learn how live a to normal life. If I was fighting during the Baton Death March battle I would be on the American and Filipino Side, because I would fight for what is
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