The Battle Between Good And Evil In Fairy Tales

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The battle between Good and Evil has been an ongoing game ever since. Just like fairy tales, which are crucial pieces of literature that have a deep impact on our society. There is only a fine line between what is Good and what is Evil, there is an impossibility of Good existing in a world where Evil is absent. The boundaries between the traditional meanings of those two were rather clear and relevant when Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm wrote down their collected stories in the nineteenth century. But as of today, the evil myth and the borders between reality and fiction as well as history, literature and philosophy are blurred, and so are the roles of Good and Evil.
Evil – probably one of the most fascinating topics, not just in fairy tales, but throughout literature. Evil
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Evil is not always immediately Evil. There are several differences and one can only imagine how tough it is to differentiate it from another, characterize and describe it. It is impossible to pigeonhole Evil. Even Immanuel Kant and Arthur Schopenhauer were unable to agree on that. With Good and Evil in fairy tales it is just like with black and white. There are several shades of grey, and definitely more than 50. Even the beloved heroes and heroines are at some point not just good. No one is. Everyone has at least a small spark of Evil inside of them. Otherwise, without that spark of Evil inside of them, they would not be able to destroy the ultimate Evil. But how much Evil is okay? Is it even possible to give a percentage on that or is it more a gut feeling? And if so, who is capable of making decisions and imputations like that? Questions like these are rather complicated which make the topic of this thesis even more complicated. Even looking for suitable synonyms is hard when talking about Good and Evil. Because, as I already mentioned, Good and Evil are just like black and white with a whole palette of different shades of grey in between them, therefore, it is rather hard to put it in
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