The Battle Of Adrianople: Short-Term Effects On The Roman Culture

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Short-term impacts on the Roman culture after Constantine made Christianity an accepted religion in the Roman Empire
For many years, the Roman Empire advocated that all the people had to adhere to its principles and teachings strictly. The teachings strongly rejected other religious groups and beliefs that could have interfered with its regime. Evidently, the Roman Empire observed and worshiped some deities that were condemned by the Christians. The deities signified different aspects of the religion and in the human lives. These gods were regarded as cults among the Christians who had different beliefs. Christians believed in the existence of one Supreme Being, who controlled the universe. They attributed their prosperity to the Supreme Being,
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The battle can be regarded as revolutionary war as it was well planned and organized by the Goths. It was a time for the Goths to fight for their freedom that had been compromised and denied by the Roman imperialism. The Goths and the Alanis had sought peace to no avail. Thus, they were determined to win the battle. On the other hand, the Valens were confident that they would win the battle as they always did. The battle was significant as it resulted in massive loss of lives from both sides. The casualties were this war mostly affected the Valens as valuable administrator died. Also, there was an enormous destruction of property including factories in the Danube. So, the battle caused the destruction of agricultural produce and lowered production. Farmers could not continue with their farming practices at the time of war. The time was followed by immense hunger as there were no incentives for farming. Among other impacts of the war include the destruction of the Roman army which had dominated the battlefield and victory for decades. This affected the stability of the Roman Empire and facilitated its collapse. It left a weakened empire as the Valens failed to bring victory. The Goths were advantaged by the fact that some had served in the Roman Empire. Thus, they knew war tactics that they were to employ and defeat the Valens who could not accept the defeat. Additionally, it was a milestone to Goths as they could enjoy their freedom that had been buried in the hands of the Romans. They had been subjected to slavery, torture, and discrimination of all forms. Indeed, the Valens greatly lost at the time when they wanted to expand their territorial might. This battle also resulted in the rise of the use Calvary. Indeed, the use Calvary was the major driving force that led to the victory of the Goths. The horsemen were believed to have influenced the fighting skills leading to the

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