The Battle Of Alamo: The Battle Of The Alamo

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Introduction The Battle of the Alamo is considered one of most important battles in Texas History that occurred February 23, 1836. This battle took place in San Antonio, Texas during the Texas Revolution. The Texas Revolution began in 1835 due to the conflict between the United States immigrants and the Mexican government. The Immigrants wanted to start their own republic so they decided to revolt against the Mexican government. After several successions, the Texan Army had gained control of the territory, but later lost it at the Battle of Coleto and the Battle of the Alamo. Background Description On February 23, 1836 Santa Anna and his troops arrived at San Antonio and started planning their attack on the Alamo. This would become one of the most celebrated military battles of Texas. The Alamo was a Spanish Mission that was established in 1718 as church. It became a makeshift fortification for Indians and rebels. Since the Alamo was also centrally located, it became a crossroads for siege and battle. When the Commander of the Alamo, William B. Travis realized that Santa Anna and his Mexican troops had surprised them at the Alamo, he decided to write a letter asking for help from men in Texas communities. Having not seen any help arrive for several days, he finally on day 8 got 32 more volunteers to help them which brought their number to almost 200 volunteer defenders. Also fighting for their territory was Davy Crockett a congressman from Tennessee and frontiersman and
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