The Battle Of D-Day In World War II

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D-Day happened on June 6, 1944. It was one of the biggest battles in World War II history. Hitler named his defense along the Atlantic border, the Atlantic Wall. It would help Germany win the war. D-Day was one of the most tremendous attacks in military history.
The Invasion was postponed for about a week until the battle that changed the war. During the year of 1943 the Americans were giving supplies to soldiers. If the Allied soldiers were Jews they had the option to possibly change religion. The Attack was going to happen in early June. The Allied forces knew what Hitler’s plans were.
They postponed the attack to June 6, because of bad weather. Eisenhower’s decision to invade Normandy had to be approved by FDR before the Invasion. An attack
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It made it hard to fight. The Allies had tons of casualties in the first two minutes. During the attack they found out they had to go through traps such as stakes, hedgehogs, barbed wire, and landmines. The troops had to go through 1,700 landmines. The Germans had the world’s fastest gatling gun.
Omaha beach was one of the most well known battles in World War II. When the landings started troops were given missions to control eastern and western parts of the beaches. The US 1st Army. V Corps had to control Omaha beach. Omaha beach was almost seven-thousand yards long. The German weapons were covering every place on the beach. Omaha beach had code names for different areas. The names were given Charlie, Dog, Easy, and Fox. About a week later on June 11, the beaches were captured by the Allies. Omaha beach had over two-thousand dead Americans.
The Battle in Normandy was a battle that changed the world. The battle in Normandy had been pretty bad in the early stages then later it changed the war. Military intelligence was a big part of the battle. The 101st were tanked to destroy bridges against the Germans. The Germans were often destroyed by the air attacks of the Allied forces. The Allied bombers were very accurate that they could bomb german defenses in really bad weather conditions during the
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Near the end of August, 1944 the Allies had gotten to the Seine River. Captured Germans went to prisoner of war camps. After the battle the Germans withdrew. The Germans knew they were very weak after the battle. If the Germans knew when the invasion was going to happen they could have won the war. If D-Day never happened the Nazi’s could have won the war and taken control of Europe. Near the end of August, 1944 Paris was free and the Germans were no longer in control of Northwestern France.
The Allies captured about 30,000 troops per month. About 20,000 French people were killed during the battle. More than 425,000 troops of Allied and Germans died during the battle. When the battle was over they had 50,000 vehicles and 100,000 tons of equipment that had arrived at Normandy. Near the end of the battle the Allies went into Germany and saw the Concentration camps where they Kept Jews and other people.After the battle the Allies were already preparing to invade Berlin, but they found out the Soviets had already gotten to Berlin the Capital of

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