War Of 1812 Essay

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Majority of the American people don’t know much about The War of 1812. The War of 1812 is often referred as the second war of independence from Britain. The battle of Lundy’s Lane was one of the harshest battles in Canada. (The Battle of Lundy’s Lane) The war of 1812 started from Britain and France attempting to cut off trade to and from America as well impressing their Navy. The president at that time was James Madison and he was not happy that Britain is causing more problems with America so in November of 1809 he cut off trade with Britain. Jefferson’s Embargo Act was replaced by the non-intercourse act in 1809 because the embargo act was not fitting for the time period. Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun, “Warhawks” were new members of congress who wanted war with Britain. Britain was encouraging the natives to protest against America going farther west. America got tired of what Britain was doing, they went to war in the spring of 1812 (History). The battle of Lundy’s Lane was fought on July 25,1814 after the …show more content…

The entire battle lasted for about five hours and was the hardest and bloodiest battle fought in Canada. Britain had 84 killed, 559 wounded, and 235 missing out of the battle. America had 171 killed, 572 wounded, and 117 missing by the end. Both sides claimed victory but neither side won in the end. More battles were fought after the battle of Lundy’s Lane. The Treaty of Ghent ended the war that lasted two years and eight months. Some people said this was an unnecessary war. (The Battle of Lundy’s Lane) There was a poem written by Duncan Campbell Scott about the battle of Lundy’s Lane that was written years after the battle happened. “To tie that flag in its ancient place with the sinews of their arms; And if they doubt you and put you to scorm, why you can make it plain with the tale of the gallant Lincoln men at the flight at Lundy’s lane.” Scott. (Canadian Poetry) America fought hard in all their

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