The Battle Of The Alamo Character Analysis

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In the beginning of the movie they presented us with the heroic victims of the Alamo lying dead. This scene sparked off a depressing atmosphere. During the movie, there was a mix of emotions; growing tension and an overwhelming feeling of victory merged into one. The movie was very compelling and was utmost intriguing. A Texan character that made the best and most emotional lasting impression would be David Crockett. He went down fighting and didn't surrender. He was one of the survivors after the Battle of the Alamo, but was executed by Santa Anna shortly after the battle. Davy Crockett represents a true man and a patriotic hero that inspired the Texans of the Texas Revolution. Any point of view, whether the Mexican or Texan, felt an overpowering sense of grief and sorrow throughout the movie. A favored scene was when Crockett harmonized with the Mexican band using his violin. This scene had many mixed emotions and thoughts. It made the Mexicans a reconsider about the Texans and ceased the bombarding cannon fire for one night. A pitiful scene was when Crockett and a few men tried to burn…show more content…
Such as to line dummies with oil barrels behind them across the front of the Alamo, then when the Mexicans came charging to the Alamo the Texans just need to shoot the barrels and blow the Mexicans up. Another huge battle advantage would be to come to the Alamo earlier in order to repair the broken walls and “buff” up the fort. These tactics would reduce Texan bloodshed and important figures such as Travis, Bowie, and Crockett would have had a higher chance of surviving the battle. There are so many more ways the Texans could have gotten an advantage, but because Santa Anna decided to march his troops through the winter the Texans did not expect their
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