The Battle Of The Alamo In The Texas Revolution

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The Battle of the Alamo is considered to be a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna led an invasion in an effort to regain control over the area after insurgent army of Texan settlers and adventurers from the United States expelled all Mexican troops out of Mexican Texas. The battle of the Alamo has a lot of various myths and legends around it; thus, we are going to explore this historical event from various perspectives, dwelling on its most important moments.
Beginning our discussion, it is necessary to mention that the battle of the Alamo has a great strategic context in the Texas Revolution, because it became a decisive moment for the independence of Texas. The Alamo Mission served as a good protective picket; and if Santa Anna takes it, there will be no fortified point to stop the enemy on his way toward
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The necessary spark which roused the flame of the struggle with anti-Mexican forces all over Texas were courage and universal destruction of the defenders of the fort. As a result, it joined the United Stated after nine years. Adding to previously stated information, the outcome of the war with Mexico was the proclamation of an independent republic of Texas, and the adoption of a constitution. Its first president was Sam Houston.
To sum up, we have stated at the beginning of this paper that the battle of the Alamo has a lot of myths and legends around, in such a way, we have discussed the official version of the battle, because “the complete story of what went on during the siege of the Alamo is not, and never can be, known. And, in connection with an event so important in Texas history, it might be expected that many conflicting stories would be told about the details by witnesses and alleged witnesses, and that is exactly what
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