The Bauhaus Movement And The Modern Movement

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Introduction The Modern Movement was and is to this day a central part of design that began in the 1900’s. The movement began to spread all over Europe and it and consisted of several individual movements such as DE Stijl, Werkbund, Russian Constructivism , Italian Futurism and Bauhaus. In this essay I will discuss The Bauhaus Movement, its origins and influences, key designs and the mark that the movement has left on today’s designs. Origins & Founders In 1919 the Bauhaus Movement began when a man by the name of Walter Gropius who had an idea of closing the gap between art and industry by connecting crafts and fine arts. Before the Bauhaus movement, fine arts like architecture and design were considered higher in esteem than craftsmanship, but Gropius believed that all crafts could be brought together and mass produced. Gropius believed that both architecture and design should reflect the new period in history and try to adapt to the new era of the machine. (, 2015). The Bauhaus movement is defined by simplicity, being economically sensible and a focus on mass production. “Bauhaus” is a reversal of the German term “hausbau” which means “building house”. The Bauhaus movement demonstrates “truth to materials” as a main presumption which therefore means that materials should be used appropriately and in genuine form. Examples would be materials like steel, it should be exposed and not hidden within the interior framework. The Bauhaus movement began to
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