The Bayou Short Story

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The Bayou

Hank and his son, Hill Billy have been living on the bayou for as long as Hill Billy can remember. Hill Billy was a young man waiting to go into the army but he didn’t want to leave his dad nothing so Hill Billy decided to make some money by selling coon skins. For this he would need his blue tick coon hound, Camo to trap the raccoons in the trees, and his dad 's old 12 gauge sawed off shotgun. Hill Billy told his father the plan of getting money by selling coon skins, but didn’t really say for what. Hank told Hill Billy not to go out to look for coons today because there was rain expected in the next 5 hours(5:00). Hill Billy thought “That 's in 5 hours though”. Despite what his dad said Hill Billy went out in the boat, which
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Hill Billy aimed his gun up in the tree at the coon, BOOM, a 12 gauge shot rang throughout the river bottom. As soon as that coon hit the ground another one came running past Hill Billy and Camo followed. Hill Billy finally came to the tree in which the coon was tree 'd in. This particular tree was right in the middle of the river. Camo wouldn’t go in the river which was unusual Hill Billy thought. Hill Billy pulled his pant legs above his knee cap and started wading in the water to get a good shot. As the coon started to walk across a limb to another tree Hill Billy sighted him in, BOOM. Ow!! yelled Hill Billy. “I think i scraped my leg on a tree limb or something”. Hill Billy looked down at his legs and to his surprise was wading in the water in which the cottonmouth snakes breed. Hill Billy quickly tried to get out but the mud was thick. He called Camo over to see if she could assist in any way. As soon as she jumped in the river, she yelped. Hill Billy’s mind was racing about what is going to happen in the next 10-30 minutes. Finally Hill Billy got ahold of a branch and pulled himself up. He looked at his leg to find a set of teeth marks left from a cottonmouth. Hill Billy quickly grabbed the one coon he had and started to head
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