The Bean Trees Book Report

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The fictional novel , The Bean Trees , written by Barbara Kingsolver , takes place in a rural environment called Pittman County in Kentucky during the 1980s. The narrator and protagonist Marietta Greer, who later changed her name to Taylor Greer because she promised she would after stopping at Taylorville, Illinois , decides to leave her hometown to pursue a much more interesting one of her own. To do so ,she buys a 55 Volkswagen and heads to Tucson, Arizona . Taylor Greer is from a poor family in Pittman, who ends up not wanting to be like Newt Hardbine , who drops out of high school and dies after Taylor leaves the county. He is the representation of what could have been Taylor if she hadn’t left . In the journey, Taylor’s life climatically…show more content…
Taylor takes in Turtle and soon they plan their journey . They stopped at a business called Jesus Is Lord Used Tires , and Mattie, a generous woman , gives Taylor a job . She finds an ad in a newspaper and finds Lou Ann for a place to stay . Lou Ann has a child named Dwayne Ray and a husband who left her with the TV. They both find out they were from Kentucky and soon the bonds between their friendships grows and a sense of hospitality is given to Taylor and Turtle. The secured home and Taylor’s love for Turtle is paid off. When Turtle, Lou Ann, and her neighbor Edna, who is somewhat blind , are disturbed by a criminal after he grabs Turtle. Luckily , Edna had a cane and she struck the criminal leaving Turtle on the ground . A social worker witnesses this and finds out that Taylor is not the real mother of Turtle and has no legal rights over her. She would have loss her to the state if the relatives weren’t found. Since this occurrence, her relationships grow stronger between her and Turtle. She pledges to fight for Turtle and does an extra step for keeping her. Ever since Taylor was given Turtle , her responsibility over another human being and dedication to Turtle’s health , show’s that even though she is not the natural mother , she still cares and loves this
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