The Bean Trees Chapter Summary

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In this novel the character's in the story, and the bean trees help us realize that there are a lot of miracles in life, and how quickly the world around us can change.
The Bean Trees teaches us about the miracles in life. In chapter three, there was a series of sentences that stated,“Sure enough, they were one hundred percent purple: stems, leaves, and pods. . . . ‘The Chinese lady next door gave them to me. . . . They’re originally from seeds she brought over with her in nineteen-ought-seven,’ Mattie told me. ‘Can you picture that? Keeping the same beans going all these years?’” (62-63).This is a miracle and an example of how things have changed. The purple beans have stretched on for several of years. This relates to how Mattie has stretched out to several people, like Taylor and illegal immigrants. It’s a miracle that these beans
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In this chapter Taylor goes on to say what she thinks a miracle.“It reminded me of that Bible story where somebody or other struck a rock and the water poured out. Only this was better, flowers out of bare dirt. The Miracle of Dog Doo Park” (152).Taylor starts to recall of what she thought was a miracle. How a rock was able to pour out water. Then realizes that these wisteria trees are a much grander miracle than the rock.
Throughout the story there are a lot of miracles. From Taylor receiving a child she named turtle, as well as meeting a girl named Lou Ann.In Taylor's point of view of a miracle she says,“‘Will you look at that,’ I said. It was another miracle. The flower trees were turning into bean trees” (194). It starts off with turtle pointing at the wisteria flowers that had turned into seeds. When we first hear about the trees we learn that they look dead, and then one day the tree has these beautiful flowers on them. Making Taylor realize that theses trees are a true
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