The Bean Trees Women

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"The Indian child was a girl. A girl, poor thing. That fact had already burdened her short life with a kind of misery I could not imagine". Taylor Greer, The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. The Bean Trees novel, written by Barbara Kingsolver is a novel that talks, particularly about the shared burden of Womanhood. The novel begins when a woman gives a female American Indian child to the protagonist of the story, Taylor Greer. Equality between women and men has been an issue around the globe for years. In some communities, women do have legal rights as many say, but many statistics have pointed out that men around the world have better access to education than women. According to women 's right activists, If discrimination begins, even before birth, very little change will happen. Women have been deprived of their rights for years, but society has changed, to some extent. During the mid Nineteenth century, magazines, books, newspapers, often described woman as too delicate, sensitive to be able to survive outside their homes…show more content…
Six decades after the country 's independence, and during the 21st century Female foeticide still continues in India. Women constitute half of the population in India, meaning half of the population has been deprived of its self-respect and subjugated into its grim existence. Infant mortality in India continues to remain higher than that of males. The percentage of girls enrolled in schools is 49% compared to 73% of boys, and the percentage of employed women has dropped from 71% to 41%. Crimes against women have also increased. More than 4,000 cases of rape were reported per year, approximately fourteen rape crimes a day, which is equivalent to one or two rape crimes every hour. Females are usually look down on by their parents, some might even kill their own daughter or continue to reproduce until one of them is
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