The Bear Who Beloved Toothpaste Analysis

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The Bear Who Loved Toothpaste Nancy Lee Baxter was a very happy and lazy black bear. He knew he was not like other boy bears. Baxter did not want to spend all his time fishing in the streams, or looking for berries to eat. Why should he? Baxter had found something special! Baxter’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner was found at the garbage dump. Old fish tails, moldy bread, and peanut butter were Baxter’s favorite. Baxter had free food, and he did not have to work hard to get it. What an easy life! Illustration 3 One day, Baxter decided he should get a girlfriend. He tried to get the attention of the girl bears, but they turned away, because Baxter smelled really bad. Baxter’s hair was all mucky, with different colors from the crazy…show more content…
What could he do with the toothpaste? Baxter ate some toothpaste, and got a little sick, but found out his front tooth was nice and white. He finally figured it out! You don’t eat the toothpaste, but you could play with it in your mouth for a few minutes, and spit it out. You could paint your body, and paint your ears, and paint your toes even! There was green toothpaste, pink toothpaste, and every color you could find in the toothpaste box. Picture of a close up face of Baxter with one white tooth-like he is looking in a mirror, and his body and toes all painted up. Baxter thought to himself, no other bear had nice white teeth, so Baxter swirled toothpaste all around his mouth, sucking it in, blowing it out. He looked again at himself in the dump mirror, and was shocked to see how great he looked! Every tooth was shiny and white, and his breath smelled like watermelons and peppermint. He went down to the stream where the girl bears were fishing, and turned around and flashed his big smile. All the girl bears giggled when they saw Baxter’s teeth. The girls wondered if this was really that smelly stinky Baxter. Illustration
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