What Is The Beast In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies. What is the Beast? What is the beast the beast is a pilot that had gone crazy and wound up in a cave and one of the hunters went in the cave and the pilot jumped out and grabbed him and he called it the beast. The beast is also the kids themselves the deepest darkest parts of the kids from when they go savage and start forgetting all their manners and normal ways of life. The way the kids ended up on the island was a plane crash that had stranded them on a deserted island. They immediately started gathering fire wood for a signal fire to try to get someone’s attention to come and save them then piggy looked down into the water and found the conch which ralph blew and called a meeting and he was elected as the leader. The…show more content…
The next day sam n eric came to ralph and piggy and said that jack wanted the survival knife and ralph said no they couldn’t have it and that night jack and his tribe came and raided their shelter for the knife. Then when they killed another pig their fire had gone out and they stole piggys glasses and ran off. Then when ralph and piggy went to get them they killed piggy with a giant boulder and broke the conch shell and then they started throwing rocks at ralph and ralph ran of into the forest. Then sam n eric came and warned ralph that jack planned to light the island on fire and smoke him out and that he sharpened a stick on both ends and planned to kill him the next day. The next day they lit the island on fire and hunted down ralph and sam n eric saw him but said they didn’t see anything then on of the choir boys looked and saw him and the tribe started chasing him down and he ran out to the beach and the tribe was right behind him and ralph ran out there and fell at the legs of a naval soldier and he asked what they were doing out there and they said that their plane had been shot down and that why jack didn’t kill ralph and the boys were finally saved and were able to go home besides the ones that were
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