The Beast In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Zahraa Alomar Ansotegui Acc English 10 17 January 2018 The Beast Within Ourselves William Golding, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, in his 1954 novel, Lord of the Flies, postulates that the frightening, but realistic story of mankind leaves everyone pondering. Golding deliberately uses the “beast” to illustrate evil and its existence in everyone: mankind 's dark side into savagery. His purpose is to make his readers aware of the immorality of human nature in order to help us examine the savagery that is dug deep in every human. Golding juxtaposes the leadership and personality that Jack attains with Simon 's hallucinations to portray the evil of humanity 's disastrous heart— that the schoolboys mention to as "the beast." Golding utilizes the boys ' fear of a beast to symbolize that evil appears to everyone as an outer force rather than an inner force. At first, they imagine the beast as a form of snake-like creature, later they form an imagination of a creature from the sea and as a ghost. When they see the parachuter, the boys feel like they have evidence of a beast. Golding explains the outcome of terror on both the individuals and on the whole group. For individuals, terror falsifies reality. Such as when Samneric 's dread at spotting the dead parachuter broadens their experience from simply spotting motion to being actively hunted down the mountain as they escape. When the other boys listen to Samneric 's tale, the group sinks into a fearful hole. The boys
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