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The Beatles all originated from Liverpool, England and became a rock band in the 1960’s (Polson para. 1). The Beatles started out when John Lennon was performing with the group Quarrymen at a church picnic on July 6, 1957, and that is where Lennon had met Paul McCartney, whom Lennon asked McCartney later to join his group (“The Beatles Biography para. 3). However, Pete Best replaced Tommy Moore in August 1960 and later in December George Harrison was deported back to England (para. 4). Later, Pete Best, seen as a sex symbol was asked to leave on August 16, 1962, and was replaced by Ringo Starr (para. 8). November 9, 1961, the Beatles had met Brian Epstein and he became their manager. Epstein worked on the Beatles’ appearance and had tried to…show more content…
8). The Beatles only blew up from there. The Beatles used their knowledge of music to their advantage and made songs based on the music they would listen to (Polson para. 1). The Beatles listened to rock, pop, folk, blues, jazz, classical, and Indian, they also experimented with many instruments such as choral electric sitar, recorder, kazoo, harmonica, banjo, finger cymbals, flute, etc. (Para. 2-3). The Beatles sounded like no one else and made writing your own material expected (“The Beatles Biography para. 2). They also chose their own and composed their own music (McGasko para. 7). The Beatles often messed with song form, introducing and experimenting with new genres and styles of music within their music like looping, playing tracks backward, combining songs, or using drugs like LSD making Psychedelic Rock. (Polson para. 2-5; McGasko para. 14-17). The Beatles influenced the way we listen to music by the continuous great music instead of one great hit song (McGasko para. 27). In Polson’s opinion, “They set trends for music and style for many years. Over the years, The Beatles have made a huge impact on music and music history because they were willing to try things that were new and different.” (Polson para. 5). The Beatles heavily influenced music for many years and they weren’t afraid to come out of the box and try something new. Without the Beatles…show more content…
The Beatles were a powerful influence on music history and culture. The Beatles were still popular 20 years after their breakup because their record labels released never before heard material ("The Beatles Biography" para. 24). The Beatles also influenced popular groups like Nirvana, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, and many others (Polson para. 5). According to Joe McGasko, “like their predecessors, progressed beyond this stage and became a cultural force, their compositions and attitudes transforming the way pop music was experienced by large numbers of people. Coinciding with one of the most socially tumultuous periods in the history of America, the Beatles’ music reflected its era but also transcended it, so that even now their music remains fresh to each successive generation that discovers it.” (McGasko para. 3). This quote has proven that the Beatles have widely impacted music history and culture and they will leave a lasting

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