The Beatles Influence On American Culture Essay

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In the last 60 years music has changed a great deal but while you were in the fallout shelter you missed out on one of the most influential music performers of all time and that is The Beatles. The Beatles took the America by storm when they arrived in 1964. With their influential stylings and their new sound on music everyone fell into “Beatle-Mania”. While you were in the fallout shelter you missed out on all the music that came about because of The Beatles, through their influence it brought forth a new way people saw rock and how many people interpreted it. One of America’s best musician and proclaimed as the “King of Rock” was influenced by The Beatles and that person was Elvis Presley(Biography). Over the years the Beatles have had…show more content…
Due to the image created by The Beatles at the time it raised the standard of how teen idols were seen. Through the way that they acted and the way that they looked The Beatles introduced a whole new perspective to how the whole rock and roll scene was looked at making them a center of how all things revolved around and because of this advancing the times of music and the times of cultural creativity. The Beatles influence on American culture still impacts even today’s age due to how The Beatles impacted society. Soon after the Beatles were introduced to American culture most teenage boys wanted to have The Beatles “look” which was the long hair and have the collarless jackets, with this people wanted to be like The Beatles making them an influential force even among the kids(Daily News). When George harrison organized a charity concert in 1971 it influenced the idea of having charity concerts for years to come which helped pave way for a new type of musical experience that helped society grow(Daily News). The idea of this helped progress the addition to rock and roll concerts even to this
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