The Beatles Influence On Music And Culture

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The band influenced the culture of people in big amounts was the Beatles. In 60th of 20 century they were the main figure in music. Four boys from Liverpool did a huge breakthrough in music industry. The Fab four is their name among the people, fans, and reporters. Lots of people had a dream to see the performance of the group. It was the most popular group, and they mixed such concepts as music and culture. These two things started to work together. To separate music and culture was not available in that time. Even Aaron Copland said: “If you want to know about the Sixties, play the music of the Beatles.” The Beatles was not just a music band, it was the incarnation of ideal life, behavior. Beatles put the music on high level. The Beatles is an interesting band to investigate and explore. Therefore, that essay is about the Beatles and their influence on different aspects of life. The history of the band started from, Lennon, who was playing in group the Quarrymen, later McCartney joined them. After, McCartney invited Harrison to play with them in new group called Johnny and the Moondogs. Then, the friend of Lennon Stu Sutcliffe played in the group as bassist. Stu Sutcliffe was working in art school and sold an expensive piece of art. So, they became call themselves as Silver Beetles, from which they stayed only Beetle, and change to Beatles. A drummer was Best, with whom Beatles went to Hamburg. The place, where the Beatles played a lot of time, among a big public.

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