The Beatles Influence On Music Essay

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On February 9 of 1964, the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Never had there been more people watching a live television show. It was somewhat unusual for an American variety show to have an English group. This television appearance boosted their career. The Beatles influenced many things in their time. These influences are still in effect today from fashion to music videos. Little did they know how great of an impact they would have on the world. They started huge trends that nearly everyone followed. They set new standards for bands everywhere. The Beatles were and continue to be one of the most influential bands of all time. The Beatles caused a stir in England which included crowds of screaming girls at their concerts, three number one singles, and four number one albums (Sullivan np). After the Beatles took over the UK, they had spread their fashion, music, and reputation to America. They came to America just…show more content…
The channel was made to showcase music videos. Music videos were a staple of the eighties, but they had begun much earlier than that when The Beatles started making them pretty early. Back before The Beatles they had film jukeboxes that would play some film to promote a certain song; however, the quality and production value was not very good. All of this changed when The Beatles made their first film, “A Hard Day’s Night”, which features several songs that serve as expressions of the music. The most famous of these most likely being the sequence for “Can’t Buy Me Love”, which shoes The Beatles jumping and dancing around in a field. It is sped up and slowed down in the time of their movements. Since they had stopped touring, they had plenty of time to make many of these videos. They made several of these for television as well before their career came to a close. The Beatles had inspired artists to continue making these types of films (McGasko

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