The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay

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They lived in England growing up and spread their music through the whole world. John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr call themselves,”The Beatles”. “Great Britain was known for a lot of things: a tea, a wide-ranging navy, spiffy tailoring, The Queen”(McGasko). Great Britain was well known for having nice tea and a pretty queen, until the Beatles came to to life. They created a “culture explosion” when they first released their first song. Since February of 1964 when the beatles showed their music to the souls of America, everyone was hooked. The Beatles transformed not just the United States form of music but the entire world’s perspective on Rock and Roll; by their attitudes, style and sound.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney are very famous names that have come up in many different topics. These guys are the vocalists behind the Beatles. Lennon and McCartney wrote over 300 songs together but not all were put to music and released. Starting out in the 1960’s the four guys changed music, more specifically Rock and Roll forever. “No band has influenced pop culture the Beatles have”(Simon&Schuster). This quote accurately states that they did change history just by releasing music. “They were one of the best things to happen in twentieth century”(Simon&Schuster). They had a huge …show more content…

They referred to a drug called LSD in one of their songs and it became widely popular. It was a legal drug at they did it often and wrote about it. A quote from one when they were referring to the drug was “turning off your mind” in their song “Tomorrow Never Knows”. “The Beatles appearance with the with the “moptop” hair set them aside from the other bands”( “Every record was a shock when it came out” (Simon&Schuster). The Beatles had the entire music industry in awe every time they come out with new

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