The Beatles Influence On The Music Industry

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It all started in Liverpool in 1960 when four men came together to create the iconic band, The Beatles. The English rock band members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were able to create timeless music that still continues to influence artists even years after the end of the group’s time. Not only did they surpassed every limit that was reached before them, they left a mark on the music industry that most artist can only hope they achieve. They changed the way music itself was created and the way it was presented to people listening all over the world. There are few artists in the world that have been able to have the success The Beatles did, their musical achievements truly were one of a kind …show more content…

Before The Beatles became a band they were individual musicians all with people they looked up to and all with musicians they wanted to take certain traits form. Having four members of the band created a wide variety of influences on the band as a whole by combining the individual members pervious musical repertoire. Starting with George Harrison, his guitar work was influenced by American rockabilly music by Eddie Cochran and Carl Perkins that influenced the band’s songs throughout the years. He also incorporated the melodic lines and slight fills that both Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton created. John Lennon was a huge fan of Elvis, his opinion implied that the there was no true music before Elvis’s time. He also brought The Beatles into considering the psychedelia and folk side of music. Many of the first songs The Beatles created were directly influenced by Buddy Holly with slight influences from Roy Orbison. They wanted to create a similar sound to Holly with their own spin on the genre. Paul McCartney’s songwriting was created to emulate the technique of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. …show more content…

They changed the world of music repeatedly throughout their time together. They created the version of music videos we now have today, before they were short film performances of songs or original settings of songs that ended up in movies. The Beatles created the merge of the two creating the modern day version of music videos. Before The Beatles, an artist would release single songs one after the other and then after all the songs were all released a long-playing album would be released. The Beatles however were the first people to keep an entire album unheard until the release day and then expose it as a complete album. They did this with their “Sgt. Pepper” album in June 1967 and that is now why artists put out a single or two and then released their entire album a little further in the future. Before, musicians would preform their music for smaller groups of people between the sizes of 1,000 to 10,000 in things like theaters, amphitheaters, and auditoriums. The Beatles for the first time had the idea to make their show incredibly larder and preform in a stadium full of 55,000 fans. This was the first time anyone has every played a show that large and it is now why the biggest artist preform for huge numbers of people today. Their studios techniques were some evolutionary in the music industry “The Beatles either pioneered or popularized Artificial Double Tracking (ADT), back masking, tuned

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