The Beatles Impact On Society

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I had heard of The Beatles throughout the course of my life but knew nothing about them; the only thing I was aware of was that teens still embrace them now as well as elderly folks. Out of all talented bands, The Beatles was the one that stood out to me not only because of their name, but because once I read a bit more about how they started and and their style characteristics, I was quite surprised. The fact that they were able to deliver music that “it was evident that their talents as composers and instrumentalists were expanding furiously, as they devised ever more inventive melodies and harmonies, and boosted the fullness of their arrangements” (Unterberger). Something that I had never heard before was that they were a one of a kind…show more content…
Not only did the band impact music but also “they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era, and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century” (Unterberger). One of the things that I really liked about the band is that not only were they able to deliver their music, but also changed the world by presenting themselves as a new figure in music and reached an artistic achievement far beyond the the entertainment level. Even though they were a really successful band, the upcoming of each member was not a smooth transition. The Beatles raised their interest in music in their hometown Liverpool, England a port city where they happened to live with their middle class families. Due to this beneficial opportunity they were able to hear the latest music trends at first hand from sailors that were traveling and bringing in the latest music styles. This was an advantage for the young adults as they were able to keep up with newest music trends. The four young Beatles were John, Paul, George, and…show more content…
Many of this success was also influenced from other legendary artists they looked up too for example: Little Richard, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Also, American music such as jazz, country and even Indian music influenced their creativity. They were able to incorporate all styles and make it their own. One of the reason the band was so successful was because they were do dedicated to music, they knew how to satisfy the people and deliver their music. There were even occasions that they would play for more than seven hours. Not only that but “They were also the first British rock group to achieve worldwide prominence, launching a British Invasion that made rock truly an international phenomenon” (Unterberger). They were so passionate and dedicated to their music that they would practice hundreds of songs in every single style they could think of. The moment their paths was “Near the end of 1961, the Beatles’ exploding local popularity caught the attention of local record store manager Brian Epstein, who was soon managing the band as well”(Unterberger). Brian Epstein was a local record store owner that would then become the Beatles manager, exposed them to a producer named George Martin that later made some changes for the band that resulted into an unbreakable force. During “They synthesized all that was good about early rock & roll, and changed it into something original and even more exciting. They
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