The Beautiful City In Kolkat The City Of Kolkata

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Kolkata which was earlier known as Calcutta is an eastern city and the capital of West Bengal. It is one of the most important cities of India and 3rd most populated city of the country(Delhi and Mumbai being the first two) .This beautiful city is located along the banks of river Hooghly(another name of Ganga). The colonial form of architecture, music , food and cultural heritage is evident in almost all parts of the city. East India company had declared it as the capital of the country from 1773-1911, which was later on changed to New Delhi. Kolkata’s contribution to the trade sector of the country is very high. Honestly, one needs to spend some days here to experience the beauty of Bengal and the Bengalis. Here is a list of some of the things one must definitely try once :- • FOOD : Bengalis and Food goes hand in hand they are deeply connected and one cannot ignore the fact that they are not only big time foodies but they also makes some of the most finger-licking recipes. Fish is not only a food for them but its the culture of Kolkata(being a Bengali I totally adore this fact). Ilish(Hilsa), chingri(prawns), rui, katla are some of the common fishes that one can find in Kolkata. These fishes make excellent curries like doi maach, chingri malaikari and maacher kalia. I totally recommend the non-bengalis to try these mouthwatering dishes once and experience the bliss. • SWEETS: No other state can ever beat Kolkata in sweetness(I mean it literally). Be it the

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