Story Of The Beautiful Girl Analysis

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Love is motivating and boundless. One should not limit his/her love toward others because of the obstacles created by time, distance or race. The fascinating love story “Story Of The Beautiful Girl” written by Rachel Simon demonstrates this point. In the story, the protagonist Lynne, who is mentally handicapped, meets Homan, an African-American man, who unfortunately is deaf, at a school for the disabled ones. The meager conditions in the school, the rude and offensive staff, plus the draconian rules and lack of the ability to communicate with the outside world. All of these factors push the couple to escape. Their plan is successful, they get free, although it is only a few days. But the freedom not only allows the pregnant Lynne to give birth…show more content…
After the protagonist’s daughter, Julia, who is raised by the widow Martha, finds the box Martha left to her, she suddenly realizes how deep Martha’s love is. The old widow does not have any child. In other words, she has to start from nowhere, learn how to babysit and take care of a child: “she’d made a dedication. She experienced what she did not expect to happen. Even as Julia grew into a sensitive young girl, grammy had still listened no matter how self-involved Julia was” (Simon 338). The example illustrates the scene when Julia gets to know how Martha dedicates her life for Julia, which brings up the conflict between Martha and herself since she has been hesitating and doubting her ability to take care of a baby. // Moreover, not only does Julia comprehends her and Martha’s kinship is not restrained by the age difference, Martha herself finds how the elder age love between her and earl, becomes the second chance. This is seen in Chapter 6 when Martha is aware of the fact that “Lynne hadn’t only given me a child, she’d given me a second chance […] He reached forward and smoothed back her white hair. She felt so lovely in his hands, she felt so loved in his eyes” (Simon 250). Martha and Earl’s love happens quite late in their lives, it is the couple’s second marriage. Likewise, this relationship encourages her to achieve the role of being a considerate grandmother. The society at that time did not encourage elder aged to love, creating the external conflict between Martha and the society. However, it does not influence Martha and Earl’s love. Overall, the conflicts in the story, justify how true love can occur to anyone at any age. Which also act as a powerful motivator that stimulates people’s
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