The Beautiful Soul Of Don Damien Reflection

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The Beautiful Soul of Don Damien is an enticing tale, with a unique point of view. The portion of the tale that makes it so unique, is that the story is told by the narrator through Don Damien’s soul’s perspective of the events. The character development is beautifully demonstrated through the use of the techniques, direct statements and indirect characterization. The journey to the discovery and final assessment of Don Damien’s personality, is intriguing as both a reader and a student learning from the Juan Bosh’s writing. The reason I chose to analyze the character development of Don Damien, in the story ‘The Beautiful Soul of Don Damien’ is because of the other characters contrasting views about Don Damien, and also the peculiar way the character development is brought about by Juan Bosh. As aforementioned, the story is dictated from the soul’s point of view, using it’s ability to sense all the other characters thoughts and emotions. The soul’s discovery of how it is perceived by it’s…show more content…
“An instant later there were cries and running footsteps, and as somebody - no doubt the housemaid, since it could hardly have been Don Damien’s wife or mother in law - began to wail at the bedside…” (Bosch, 263), this quote is an example of indirect characterization. Here, the housemaid’s reaction is so instantaneous the readers are well aware that she is sincere in her concern and distress. This quote further makes the reader question Don Damien’s relationship with both his mother-in-law and his wife, as the author mentions that the soul did not expect either of them to react like his housemaid had, which was distress and sorrow over Don Damien’s
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