The Beautiful Struggle Summary

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The aim of a philosopher 's theory is his plan. In chapter 1 of Introducing Philosophy, it discussed how God had a plan for all humans and how he gave them a set of guidelines to help them stay away from the evils of the world. In the book, The Beautiful Struggle, The father’s aim for all of his children was to grow up and become like him. He showed his aim by supplying them with black literature, black music, and black culture which showed them the importance of race. He did this in hoping it will lead them to become black activists like him. The father believed his aim for his children was right because he knew it would help them become educated strong black people.The black literature, that the father gave to his children, resembled God’s commandments. They both used scripture to help them guide their children on to the right path. A philosopher’s aim can be misguided by his follower’s actions. God’s children rebelled against him when they chose to sin. The environment around one of God’s follower can play a big role in how a follower will act in certain situations. If sin surrounds them, they may be more likely to stray away from God’s aim. In the book, The Beautiful Struggle, Ta-Nehisi Coates strayed away from his father’s aim when he had been kicked out of…show more content…
God’s followers are surrounded by sin every day which can shape the way they see the world. Many of them choose to conform to society which means they also conform to all the sins that their society has. By conforming to society’s sins, they then stray further and further away from God’s aim. In the book, The Beautiful struggle, Big Bill strayed away from his father’s aim because of societal influences. Big Bill grew up in a world where he thought fighting was his only way out. He always acted tough so no one would try to hurt him. In this case, toughness/ courage was a vice because he used it for getting into fights with other
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