The Beauty Of Pakistan

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Summary Pakistan is basically a gift of God and it is very rich in every sense whether its culture, food, agriculture, economic, minerals, history and also in beautiful places. Pakistan is a country which is totally covered with beauty and in every province of Pakistan there is something which is attractive and sight or view for tourist which tourist wants. Pakistan is the best place for every kind of tourist because in Pakistan there is a variety of beauty due to which tourist all around the world come here and enjoy the marvelous scene of beauty and appreciate the nature. In Pakistan there are many places where people like to go Gilgit, Murree, Swat, Kaghan and many more. Introduction Pakistan is fully blessed and gifted country from God and it has everything which country needs. The beauty of Pakistan is unmatched and it has world most beautiful places for visitor to see. Especially the northern areas of Pakistan and it is also very famous all around the world for its beauty due to high sky mountains, beautiful lakes, green valleys and amazing wildlife. The “Neelum valley” is also known as Paradise on Earth, “Hunza Valley” is known as Mountain Kingdom and “Swat” is known as Mini Switzerland. These all beautiful places can only found in Pakistan not in any other country. Some of the most beautiful places of Pakistan are mention below: Neelum Valley: Neelum Valley is 200 km long bow shaped valley covered with mountains on both sides and running parallel to

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