The Beauty Of Women In The Renaissance Era

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The beauty in this era covered was a wide range of years, allowing different influences to develop. Women were praised for their natural features and body types. The ideal woman was that on the more voluptuous side, paintings from the Renaissance period often focused on women who would today be considered overweight. Her bust would appear full of no signs of bones. The ideal female would also have pale skin, unlike the tanned look that is popular in our modern day. To accompany this desired skin was blond hair, which made women appear more youthful than dark locks. Women with delicate features were prized as far as facial features were concerned. They would have soft features such as large eyes, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, curly hair and pink cheeks. A small mouth and well-defined nose were also very desired.
Just like in society today, while natural women were sought after, those who did not meet the standings, were pressed to try and fit a specific image. High foreheads were largely favored as it was a sign of intelligence, and because of this many woman would pluck their foreheads to recede the hairline making their foreheads appear bigger. They would pluck their eyebrows thin and use lead pencils to fill them in. Other women who decided to not pluck their hairlines or lighten their hair would instead wear jeweled caps or turbans, which were quite popular at the time. Women had found that these elaborate headdresses allowed them to not only hide their lack of a high

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