The Bee Movie: Functionalism In The Bee Movie

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Functionalism and The Bee Movie Amari Wilburn-Jones Introduction to Sociology February 16,2018 In the field of Sociology sociologist often view society from three major theoretical perspectives: symbolic interactionism, functional analysis, and conflict theory. Each theories/perspective is a way to view how parts of the world fit together and work. In this paper I will be analyzing The Bee Movie from the functional analysis perspective to see how the actions of people within a society can help or hinder the society as a whole. The functional analysis theory was founded by August Comte and Herbert Spencer, they view society as a living organism and believed that “if society is to function smoothly, its parts must work together in harmony” (Henslin,16). Emile Durkheim said that as long as all part fulfill their functions the society would be at a normal state but when the functions are not fulfilled, the society would be at an abnormal state. This theoretical perspective has three functions that surround these ideas: manifest, latent, and latent dysfunctions. Picking the Bee Movie to represent this theory was a no brainer, it all about structure and maintaining that structure in order to have a continuously thriving society. Barry, the main character doesn’t want to fall into the societal norm that have been set by those before him, he wants to explore and make sure that any decision he makes gives his life meaning and isn’t just an obligation to his
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