The Beet Queen By Louise Endrich Character Analysis

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In the excerpt from the opening of The Beet Queen , Louise Endrich, portays Karl and Mary as an addition and subtraction to the town of Argus. Louise Endrich shows the role the environment plays which has an impact on how the two children are viewed through literary devices such as, imagery, her point of view, and selection of detail. Every day people are affected by the environment in which they are in. Everyone is affected differently by their surroundings just how Karl and Mary were affected differently by arriving at Argus. How people react to the situations they are put in exhibits their qualities and ability to handle tough situations. Karl and Mary are first introduced as "…an addition and - subtraction." to eastern North Dakota…show more content…
Mary, on the other hand is described quite negatively by Endrich. She is described as "…short and ordinary that was obvious she would be this way all her life," and " Her name was square and practical as the rest of her" (18-21). The descriptions of both children gives the reader an idea of what each of them are like. Karl is portrayed as a more emotional person who is aware of his surroundings. Where as Mary is portrayed as a more dull and less caring person. The characterization of these two characters is displayed when they have the encounter with the small tree full of blossoms. Karl is completely transfixed as "…his cheeks went pink, he stretched his arms out like a sleepwalker, and floated to the tree and buried his afce in the white petals" (52-55). This shows the reader how Karl is aware of his surroundings and how he is emotionally affected by it. While Karl is completely captivated by the tree, Mary was not affected one bit by it. She didn't seem to care for it one bit or have any feelings toward it at all. Karl and Mary are affected differently by the environment in which they are in. The author's use of imagery and detail really helps the reader understand the difference between the two siblings. Through out the excerpt the reader is provided with examples of what karl and Mary are like. The examples provided also serve as a way to foreshadow the two children's destiny after the different impacts the environment has on them. In the end, Karl ends up running away from the town and Mary
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