The Beginning Of The Victorian Era In The 1800

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Victorian Era

The 1800 was the start of many special things. The Victorian Era was on of them. In the early 1800s was the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria, Queen of England. Queen Victoria was a fair ruler. She was the first ruler to see and era named after them while they were still living.(Shepard) The Victorian Era was also the start of England’s Industrial Revolution.

It was a time for politics. Before Princess Victoria became Queen, England was ruled by her uncle King Leopold. He was a horrible king. He didn’t really care about the lives of his people. When Princess Victoria was crowned Queen the British were very proud of their representative government.(Shepard) They took a lot of time on decisions that involved the welfare of their citizens. The government tried to be fair and represent everyone. Most people of this time went to church so the government had a high moral standard.(Shepard) A high percentage of England’s population was Christian, but the government was trying to not discriminate other religions. As a result Lionel De Rothchild became the first Jew to be seated in the parliament.(Mitchell 73) This was the first time in English history where the people really got involved.

There were a lot of medical advancements during this time. For example, Queen Victoria tried Chloroform while giving birth to her eighth child. (Mitchell 145) They tested radiation to cure cancer and they invented x-rays for things like broken bones.
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