The Beliefs And Ideas Of Adolf Hitler

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Anti-Semitism. Fascism. Lebensraum. Führer. Social Darwinism. These are all beliefs or ideals that the Nazi Party accepted and attempted to globalize. The Nazi Party was first recognized in 1930 when the effects of the Great Depression left millions unemployed in Germany. By 1932, membership increased in the party from 800,000 to 14,000,000 affiliates. People in Germany supported this party because they believed that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis offered a better future. Some citizens also advocated for the Nazi Party out of fear because sources of opposition against the party were removed and an individual had no right to protest in this state. The rise of Nazism and Fascism and the espouse for them eventually caused major events during World War II and a superior Germany with the belief that Communists and non-Aryans had to be destroyed
Adolf Hitler worked with an enraged purpose for many years to become a dictatorial leader and to make his ideals thoroughly present in Germany. Hitler began with what he dubbed the “first more or less political activity” after the communist regime was overthrown. This program investigated those who were responsible for the short-lived soviet regime in Munich, Germany and his actions were believed to be quality enough for a higher rank. Hitler was later accepted into the German Workers’ Party and concentrated all power in his hands. Hitler’s continuous dictatorial actions led him behind bars with the Nazi Party banned and he had to work
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