The Beliefs Of The Holocaust: The Holocaust

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Kyle Mitchell
8th Grade English Honors Block
Mrs. Guidry
30 January 2018
The Holocaust
The Holocaust was one of the darkest events in history. It was a time when innocent lives were taken just because they had somewhat different beliefs. The man behind this evil plan was Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer of Germany and the Nazi Party. He made it his goal to destroy the Jewish race and anyone else who stood in his way (Introduction). Hitler devised a long systematic plan that went on to kill thousands of Gypsies, disabled people, Poles, Russians, and most all wipe out 6 million European Jews, two-thirds of the Jewish population (Strahinich 7) (Introduction). His plan impacted Germany and many other surrounding European countries (Introduction). Nations
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The houses and city were extremely overcrowded, which lead to countless diseases being spread, and cold weather was a problem because the Jews in the ghettos were not supplied with enough blankets or clothing to cover everyone (Life). Starvation was one of the biggest problems in the ghettos, many people in every ghetto died from starvation (Life). At the Warsaw ghetto, over 43,000 Jews died from hunger and disease alone (Byers Overview 77). Due to the death of parents, there were many orphans in the ghettos (Life). To stay alive these orphans would sometimes become smugglers and bring needed food and supplies to the ghettos. (Life). The lifestyle at the ghettos was so bad that there were many uprisings against the Nazis. One of the most known uprisings was the Warsaw uprising. The Jews inside of Warsaw staged an attack to try and take back the city, but they were overpowered by the Nazi Soldiers and many were killed (Byers Overview…show more content…
After a few years on June 14, 1940, the most known camp, Auschwitz, is opened as a prison for poles (Byers 111). It is later made as a concentration camp for any Jews. The first extermination camp was the Chelmno camp, which was opened on December 8, 1941 (Byers 54). The concentration camps were almost indescribable. The conditions in the camps were awful, the housing was extremely overcrowded, everything in the camp it was dirty, which contributed to the already large amount of illnesses (Byers 41). Jews from every camp died from starvation regularly (Byers 41). People (mostly men) were forced to work or do labor for the Nazis, usually until they died or were killed (Lublin/Majdanek). The most used way for killing prisoners was the gas chambers. Millions of Jews died in gas chambers from gases like Zyklon B and carbon monoxide (Lublin/Majdanek). With Germany in the process of taking Europe, the Allied forces had begun the liberation. The Allied forces were made up of countries from around the world. The major countries were the United States of America, Britain, Canada, Russia, and France (Byers Overview 99). These countries were the main contributors in winning the war, ending the Holocaust, and freeing the
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