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Mental State “ I shut my eyes and all the world is dead, I lift my eyes and all is born again” (37 Sylvia Plath). one of the many quotes from Plath and in this book she uses it why? What is plath trying to tell you, is she being hypothetical or is she serious? Is there a point behind what Plath is writing or is it just for fun, well in this paper this well be one of the topics covered and how Plath point of view on the mental system the last thing that will cover is how the mental health system if bad, and different or the same to the real world from the book. So Plath being the writer of this book The Bell Jar, along with many other book must have had some kind of meaning in that she is saying. you would have to assume Sylvia could be just writing this for fun though but, the subject of this book would be very hard to have fun reading. In the book you have everything from depression to electroshock…show more content…
Plath 's point of view of the mental system and Easters are the same thing so if Eaters name is used instead that 's why. Easter thought of the system just like any other person would, in the work she tried to make friends in there at time and did not isolate her self too much. She didn 't like the electroshock treatment very much but you can 't blame her, they didn 't even do it right the first time. Next you have the insulin that is injected into Easter it has no reaction to her physically or mentally but you wouldn 't think she had liked that very much.Visitation is taken away from Easter but she doesn 't seem to mind that, it seems that she prefers it that way so no one can come in and feel sorry for her or tell her it is all in her head. All in all guess you could say that the mental system did help Easter in a way with some things in her life, it sure did keep her from killing herself which is a plus. Her point of view on it though changes, there are times when she doesn 't like the things being done to her but then there are times where she

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