The Bell Tower Analysis

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A short story "The Bell-Tower" written by Herman Melville tells about the architect Bannadonna, who is building a tower with a bell for the city. Bannadonna is an ingenious architect who does not count on human sacrifices, extolling his creations over the rest. In this story, the author sought to show the image of a man of art, for which the recognition of his genius is the principal goal. One of the themes that the author raises in "The Bell-Tower" is the relationship between a man of art and his creation.
The story "The Bell-Tower" begins with the description of the construction of the bell tower, as well as the appointment to the post of the architect of the vanity, but talented Bannadonna. He planned to build a tall tower with a large bell that would strike the views of residents. During the construction of the bell, one of the workers is frightened of heights, and Bannadonna kills him on the spot since he thinks that such confusion can ruin the bell. Further, Bannadonna conceives something original for the bell tower but does not tell interested residents about his project, wishing to warm up their interest. On the day of the grand opening of the bell tower, all residents of the city are waiting for the miracle that the talented architect promised them, but they hear only a short sound. Frightened residents climb the tower and see the corpse of Bannadonna. It turns out that he built a mechanism according to which, at the appointed time, a statue of a man would pass
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