The Bell Witch Cave Book Report

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The Bell Witch Cave, Adams, Tennessee
This incredible and scary haunting took place centuries ago. It all began in the Bell Family home in 1817. The family began getting disturbances like scratching and knocking noises. Soon other phenomena occured like blankets being pulled from beds, members of the family were gettin scratched, kicked and having their hair pulled. John Bell’s daughter Elizabeth took a great deal of abuse from this violent spirt. She was stuck with pins, slapped, bruised and even pinched. At first Bell didn’t want anyone to know what was happening but late told a friend who put together a commitee to investigate the happenings. They discovered that within the house there were strange forces with a certain intelligence. The worse happened when this force found a voice and afterwards seldom remained silent.
It identified it self to the family the ”witch” of Kate Batts. She had once been the Bell’s neighbor with whom John Bell had once experienced some bad business due to the purchase of slaves. The locals began calling their spirit ”Kate” and she showed up in the Bell home every day causing lots of
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He too got into trouble with the witch who wouldn’t let his carriage wheels turn. Meanwhile John Bell became down with a very strange illness. It was the fault of kate for sure. Even on his sickbed the force wouldn’t let him relax and prodded and cursed him. John Bell’s death came fast and soon and even that was odd. He was found to be lying senseless in his bed. Beside him on the table was a strange bottle with a black liquid. Since Bell’s breath smelled of the contents in the bottle they put a drop of the liquid on a cat’s tongue and the poor creature dropped dead right away. Shortly afterward Bell breathed his last and Kate was heard screaming in triumph. At the unfortunate man’s funeral this spirit could be heard cursing, singing and
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