The Benefitations Of Economic Globalization

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Globalization has been going on for a long time. When people first started going on voyages in ships bringing goods and trading in ports, that was globalization. Economic globalization are said to bring the world together with shared knowledge and information. Foreign exchange will happen and the world will be more open towards each other. It is the belief that when a country is globalized, the citizens will benefit. Citizens will have a higher living standard, better income, better jobs, better services, better goods and products. Economic globalization urges the progress of services and goods between countries. Furthermore, in recent years, developing countries are advancing on globalization. Although there are exploitations in globalization,…show more content…
Tourists travel all around the world, bringing their culture with them. At the same time, they are also learning cultures different from their own. Countries have opened their doors to foreigners, allowing them to share their culture and knowledge. People are becoming more open minded to many things. Indirectly, tourism helps to develop a country. Through tourism, many individuals are able to have a job and provide for their families (Sugiyarto, 2003). For example, travel agencies need local guides to show the tourists around, bus drivers are needed to drive tourists to their destinations. Tourist attractions are upgraded and beautify to attract more foreigners to come, which will increase the economy. Peric (2005), said that improving the infrastructure supports to promote the rural area. In return, by improving healthcare, education and sanitation, they are indirectly also improving the standards of living of the people living there. Furthermore, the constructions of higher standards hotels, resorts and villas helps accommodate coming visitors increases the hospitality service which will attract them to visit again some other time. Due to the increase of tourists, the constructions of new buildings, souvenir shops and restaurants will also provide new job opportunities for…show more content…
Verdier (2013) said that more workers and labors are needed in globalization. Since people are starting to be more aware of what other countries and their own country can offer, they need to keep up with the pace. Poorer countries promote their country by pursuing commercial networks and media to the rest of the world, in order to grow and match with the richer countries. They market their country and what they can offer that other countries does not have. This will surely attract people’s attention and curiosity that can allow them to start new businesses. Especially in the developing countries, people are needed to help grow the country. Not only do they work, they also get paid for what they are contributing. Furthermore, Brown (2001) said this leads to more job opportunities and gives many individuals the opportunity to contribute to the society. Most companies and industries built their factories in rural areas thus giving the locals there jobs that have enough income to support their families. Employment rate have been rising significantly. From a population of 164% the employment rate is 175%. Those who did not have any job and income before will be able to make a living. In other words, the division of labor is expanded. According to Orbeta (2002), division of labor is a major aspect for economic growth. Instead of having to do many job at the same time, individuals can focus on what they are skilled in

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