Importance Of Virtual Reality In Learning

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Summary of the Study
The studies conducted on virtual reality using in learning domain confirmed that learning in virtual reality is considered a significant process, increases student 's participation and makes learning more fun. The study conducted by Karitiko, et al.(2010,P. 884) added that whenever the learner is participant , involved in task , being a way from the problems surrounding him or any object hinder his learning , this increases the motivation and fun learning
In fact, the virtual reality provides a learning environment generating computer and alternative to the actual reality that enabled the learner to be involved in it, interact with and control using external means of connecting their senses with the
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The first problems encountered by the researcher and related to the virtual reality are the confusion between the concepts in the term of electronic, and virtual, simulation and virtual reality, mixed reality, and the other thing is the physical and physiological problems that affect the individual when exposed to the virtual reality.
There are physiological problems such as foggy vision, changes in the heart and blood vessels, change in motor performance, change in cognitive control, eye strain, stomach pain, depression, hallucinations, visual disturbances, autism, disorders of the digestive system, disorientation, unsteadiness, disorder in the machine respiratory, stress, addiction(Nichols & Patel, 2002, pp.
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Thus, Nichols & Patel ( 2002 , PP. 268-269) recommended further experimental studies dealing with the negative effects of virtual reality , in order to reach for the instructions that achieve benefit of virtual reality system, and reduce negative symptoms resulting from exposure to the virtual

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